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4+ Forest School Club

Once a week at each nursery, we run a Forest School Club for children who are school aged (4 years old at the start of September) or older.

  • Highgate FSC is on Wednesdays 9.30am–3.30pm
  • Kenwood FSC is on Fridays 9.00am–3.30pm

Children in the FSC are either home-schooled or flexi-schooled (ie, attend school the rest of the week)*.

About the sessions

A day with the FSC is pretty similar to a day in the main nursery – with an emphasis on child-led play, exploration and learning.

But as the children are older they can work together on more ambitious child-initiated projects and more involved games. And our adult initiated activities are planned to develop more advanced skills.

A major emphasis of the club is social interaction. Being so child-led, the club is at its best when the children get on and work well together. Our nurturing staff create a supportive environment and build in discussions and activities that encourage the children to respect and listen to each other.

Request a place

If you want your child to start straight away, please get in touch directly.

If you'd like a place starting at a particular term in the future, please fill in our registration form.